Massive USA B2B Database of All Industries

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About This Proposal

Gain access to over 7,900 niche targeted databases of businesses operating in the United States of America - Over 5 Million Business Contact Details

Our massive B2B database contains approximately 7,900 individual Excel files with contact details for businesses operating across almost all business sectors in the United States of America. Instead of just purchasing B2B sales leads in one database, you can actually pick and choose what type of businesses that you want to contact on the basis of business sector.

B2B Marketing Data for the United States: What You Will Receive & Stats

  • Access to 7,900 Individual USA B2B Databases for 7,900 Business Niches

  • Access to 7,900 Individual USA B2B Email Lists for 7,900 Business Niches

  • Here is a list of 7,900 business niches that are covered in the USA B2B Database

Here are Some Samples from Our Massive USA B2B Marketing Database

Click here to download a sample database: 


Click here to download a sample email list


Click here to download a list of all business niches covered in our USA B2B Marketing Database

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the ways in which you can use your B2B Marketing Lists
TELESALES You can call up the businesses with your offer. Of course, telesales can be more expensive and labour intensive than say plugging in thousands of emails into your newsletter subscriber list. EMAILS AND NEWSLETTER BLASTS This is by far the most popular and affordable B2B marketing channel. All you have to do is plugin the contact details of businesses into your subscriber list, draft an awesome newsletter and just hit the send button. DIRECT MAIL MARKETING You could send out brochures, catalogs and even free samples to your prospective B2B clients. From our experience, we have seen that this mode of B2B marketing proved to be especially popular in the vaping industry where eliquid manufacturers and wholesalers actually sent out free vape juice samples to vape shops. A lot of eliquid brands managed to get a very good results out of direct mail marketing. IN-PERSON VISIT There is nothing more effective than scheduling an appointment and visiting the businesses. Personal contact helps to build rapport and establishes trust.

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