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About This Proposal

I will give you a very powerful bot created by our team that will leave reviews for your products on Shopify. The way it works is by targeting products by collections. You can then enter randomised text for each review field and the software will automatically leave those reviews for products in your chosen collection. For instance, if your collection is about necklaces then you could keep your product reviews very broad by saying "wow! what a nice necklace". This way, each product review is actually relevant to each product. It is not as specific as you may want it to be but at least it is a bit more natural. This bot is ideal for Shopify stores that are looking to increase their conversions and consolidate their reputation. You can set delays between each review as Shopify does not allow too many product reviews within a short space of time. You can also add proxies but those are not necessary. Please ensure that you are using the original products review app by Shopify as the software is developed to work with this app only. The software only runs on Windows machines. One licence key will allow you to run this software on a single machine only.

Notice to Sweaty Quid team: we own the IP rights to this software. In case of an issue, please contact us first.

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