I will give you a Shopify contact form submitter bot

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About This Proposal

I will give you a copy of a Shopify contact form submitted called Crazy Pants Lead Generator. This is an incredibly powerful bot that can contact ecommerce stores built with Shopify with their contact forms. The software has an integrated scraper which will allow you to find all the ecommerce stores built with Shopify according to your keywords. You can then remove dupes and filter your list before transferring it to the poster. Inside the poster, you just configure your message for contact forms and hit start. The software will then start contacting your list of websites. The contact form submitter has an integrated captcha service for solving all Google captcha. It is recommended that you add some private proxies to the software to prevent captcha from cropping up! This software is awesome for generating leads by contacting your list of websites on auto pilot!

This contact form submitter runs on Windows operating systems only. One licence key can be run per single machine.

Notice to Sweaty Quid: we are the developers of this software and own the rights to it. Please contact us in case of any issues.

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