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I will give you The Most Powerful Traffic Bot

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About This Proposal

Boost your Views, Stats, Impressions, Votes, Likes, …

Boost your stats!

You’re dreaming about an infinite flood of visitors from all around the world?
You want to increase your views with one single click?
Then Diabolic Traffic Bot from Diabolic Labs is the software you need!

The Most Powerful Traffic Bot will create an endless stream of visitors, views, votes and impressions and boost your stats incredibly!

Diabolic Traffic Bot generates unlimited web traffic to any website, video or blog.

Diabolic Traffic Bot have hundreds of proxies ready to use instantly. All proxies are reload every few minutes from our servers that are testing proxies 24/7

Among others, the features of Traffic Bot include the following:

  • Send Unlimited Traffic To Multiple URL’s
  • Multi-Threading
  • Random URL Referer
  • Random Browser User Agent
  • Random Screen Resolution
  • Limit Traffic to Send
  • Random Time in Web Page
  • Cookies Cleared Each Visit
  • Real-Time Traffic Stats
  • Private Proxies Allowed
  • Real-Time Log
  • Browser or Socks Mode
  • Easy Script Languange
  • Choose Proxy Country
  • Thousands of proxies to use
  • SSH, SOCK4, SOCK5 proxies allowed
  • Modules can be encrypted

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this traffic count in Google Analytics?
How much traffic can I get per hour?
Depend of the number of threads you use, with 50 threads you can get around 50 view every 10 seconds, 300 views/minute, 1800 views/hour
Do I need proxies?
No, the software download hundreds of tested proxies
Can I use my own proxies?
Yes, the bot can use private proxies with username and password
Can the software click in a specific part of the site?
Yes, with the integration of scripting you can simulate about anything in any webpage
Can I attain traffic from different sources like mobile, tablets, tabloids etc?
Yes, with the random user agents feature you can set to have any kind of traffic
Update Log
2019-08-03 Traffic Bot version 6.44: – No User Agents Bug [Fixed] – User Agent List [Updated] 2019-04-26 Traffic Bot version 6.42: – New command “http_get_contents” [New] – New column “User Agent” in Results [New] – Faster start [Improvement] – Small browser bugs [Fixed] – User Agent default list [Updated] – Better error handling [New] -New option: Proxy Sources (SOCKS 4) [New] 2018-08-01 Traffic Bot version 6.3: – User Agent list [Updated] – Browser Engine [Updated] – IP Leak Test (Will check if the proxy leaks your ip before using) [New] – Proxies SSH Sources [New] – Minor Bugs [Fixed] 2018-03-22 Traffic Bot version 6.2: – Module [Fixed] – Better error handling [Updated] – Check countries bug [Fixed] – Referrer bug [Fixed] – New field “Referrer” in reports [New] – Browser [Updated] 2018-02-15 Traffic Bot version 6.10: – Private Proxies allows different files [New] – Small Engine bugs [Fixed] 2018-01-08 Traffic Bot version 6.09: – Private Proxies Test [Updated] 2017-12-14 Traffic Bot version 6.07: – Private Proxies HTML Bug [Fixed] – Private Proxies SOCKs 4 Bug [Fixed] – Private Proxies SOCKS 5 Bug [Fixed] 2017-12-09 Traffic Bot version 6.06: – Proxies Sources can change file location [New] – Minor Fixes 2017-09-15 Traffic Bot version 6.01: – Check countries much faster and checked by default [Update] 2017-09-01 Traffic Bot version 6.00: – Many bugs fixed – Improved Layout – Proxies Source with SOCK5 support [New] – more settings > check countries : save bug [Done] – Error Log – Restart threads option [New] – Can load and start a project from command line [New] 2017-06-08 Traffic Bot version 5.48: – Option to disable country check – Auto scroll into view in all script commands 2017-05-26 Traffic Bot version 5.47: – Threading bug 2 fixed – Visit’s count bug fixed 2017-05-23 Traffic Bot version 5.45: – Faster Threads – Improved long run working – SSH tunneling proxies improved (no more alerts) 2017-05-02 Traffic Bot version 5.44: – Module google_search [Updated] – New script command A_StartsWith [New] – Small engine updates – Software security improved 2017-04-08 Traffic Bot version 5.41: – Proxy selector improved – Possibility to choose countries with private proxies – Minor updates and bug fixes 2017-03-30 Traffic Bot version 5.40: – New command: GoBack() – New command: GoForward() – New option to set the timer for refresh the proxy sources 2017-03-08 Traffic Bot version 5.39: – Number of visits bug [Fixed] – New status tab – New module that search for keywords in google and click in specific url – Plugin Container for Nightly bug [Fixed] 2017-02-20 Traffic Bot version 5.38: – Modules can be encryped [New] 2017-02-12 Traffic Bot version 5.37: – Results output bug [Fixed] 2017-02-09 Traffic Bot version 5.36: – SSH / Putty proxies allowed [New] – Results output bug [Fixed] – Improved browser timeout [Updated] 2017-01-27 Traffic Bot version 5.35: – Command “random_scroll()” added [New] – Scripts updated 2017-01-07 Traffic Bot version 5.34: – Update project bug [Fixed] – Screen resolution bug [Fixed] 2017-01-02 Traffic Bot version 5.33: – Option to block all images from loading – Referer improved – Small changes in the GUI – Minors updates and bug fixes 2016-12-04 Traffic Bot version 5.32: – More stable version of the browser – Proxy Sources menu improved – Minors updates and bug fixes 2016-11-20 Traffic Bot version 5.31: – Bug fixed in foreach script command – New module for – New option to delete popup errors – Small security updates – Minors updates and bug fixes 2016-11-07 Traffic Bot version 5.30: – No proxies options added – Testing private proxies bug fixed – Update check updated – Bot threads improved (you can now run more threads simultaneous) – Improved about box – Minors updates and bug fixes

2 Reviews 5.0

  • titusvillareal9

    Nice bot! Works very well.
    Oct 04 2019

  • sherrillsteward

    Nice bot! I do recommend HMA VPN though and run it at 2 threads. The public proxies are crap for Google searches as most are blocked. Otherwise, definitely a very good bot for generating Google traffic.
    Oct 03 2019

  • titusvillareal9

    Nice bot! Works very well.
    Oct 04 2019

  • sherrillsteward

    Nice bot! I do recommend HMA VPN though and run it at 2 threads. The public proxies are crap for Google searches as most are blocked. Otherwise, definitely a very good bot for generating Google traffic.
    Oct 03 2019

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