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About This Proposal

It is vital to index your backlinks. Backlinks that are not indexed with Google and other services are pretty much useless and the links will NOT pass any link juice to your money site! Indexing backlinks back in the day was easy using pinging. Then we had the option to submit individual urls to Google. You may recall Lightning Fast Backlinks Indexer where the software submitted each backlink to Google using multiple gmail accounts and Google remote captcha solving service. Those days are gone. Indexing backlinks is getting more difficult day by day. Most of the link indexing services using outdated techniques that simply do not work anymore: I have tried them all.

G-Indexer is the only indexer on the market that actually indexes backlinks by submitting them to sites that are crawled by the search engines in real time. When I first got the indexer, the results were scary. My links were getting indexed in five minutes. The way the software works is you have to upload your backlink urls to index, enter your proxies and connect your remote captcha solving account (i.e. death by captcha, 2captcha, ru captcha, etc.). I do all of my indexing on a top spec dedicated server because it is pointless to index backlinks on a slow computer because this software consumes a lot of CPU and RAM. I also use about 1,000 private dedicated proxies for the indexing to ensure that each submission is successful. I also connect XEvil to solve Google I am not a robot type of captchas for FREE.

This backlink indexing service is ideal for all types of backlinks including forum posts, web 2.0s, wikis, blog comments, PDF sites and even money sites. 

The indexing rate is pretty good. For me, around 40% of my backlinks got indexed in week one and the rest over a period of a month which is great for SEO because you do not want for all of your links to get indexed instantly. The links are drip fed to the submission sites in batches of 100. Overall. the success of indexing will depend on the quality of your backlinks i.e. what type of content rewriter you use, content length, uniqueness and so on.

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