I will verify and clean your email list using an email verifier

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About This Proposal

It is curcial to regularly clean your email list for bad emails, spam traps and just the types of emails that you do not want to be contacting (could land you in trouble). A dirty email list will get your SMTP and IP address blacklisted which will significantly reduce your inboxing rate and may even lead to the suspension of your email or newsletter sending service! I have seen it happen to many people and it is a pitfall that you should definitely avoid.

I can clean your entire email list using an email list cleaner. The software will do a three-level cleaning process by chcecking the syntax, domain and inbox. Basically, any misspelled emails will be removed, emails with non-working . non-resolving domains will be removed and emails that cannot receive emails will also be removed (abandoned inboxes). I will also remove disposable emails as those are useless.

To do the email cleaning, I will use about 500 private dedicated proxies and a powerful server. 

You will need to send me your list of emails in a notepad format (other formats are not accepted). One email per line and no separators. Once I am done with the cleaning, I will send you back the clean email list.

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