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About This Proposal

I can contact Chinese wholesalers on Alibaba with your custom message. As you may be aware, the traffic from Alibaba is very one-sided as the Chinese companies are always selling to the Western companies. However, many Chinese wholesalers still need basic SEO services and other things. With this proposal, we will contact all Chinese wholesalers from your niche via Alibaba. This proposal is for ten keywords. You will need to send me ten keywords that I should search for on Alibaba. I will be running a company / supplier search. I will also need your message. I will manually spin your message and use disposable emails to contact Alibaba because they have limits as to how many suppliers a person can contact a day. Make sure to include your contact details inside the message, including email and website. All the traffic that you will get will come directly to your website form those Chinese wholesalers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantees do you make?
I guarantee to contact your set of chosen Chinese wholesalers via Alibaba.
How can I track your work?
Please check your analytics and track the traffic from China.
What do you need from me?
I will need you to send me your message that I should send to Chinese wholesalers via Alibaba. Please include your email and website addresses inside the message. Please also send me your niche/10 keywords i should use to search for Chinese wholesalers/manufacturers on Alibaba.

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