I will boost your Alexa Site Ranking by Sending Web Traffic to Your Site

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About This Proposal

I will run our very powerful traffic bots to boost your Alexa rankings. We operate many powerful dedicated servers where we run our own, custom built website traffic bots that use thousands of private proxies. For this proposal, I am going to set up one traffic bot for your site and run it for exactly seven days. Your site should receive a lot of quality traffic from all over the world. The way this bot works is it goes to google, searches for your website using a set of keywords and then clicks on the link once it finds your website on the SERPs. It then navigates inside your website for quite some time by clicking and scrolling through random pages. This is a great technique for not only boosting your Alexa rankings, but it also helps to increase your Google rankings because this traffic is 100% from Google. We are running this bot for many big companies and it is working extremely well. It is not your random traffic that has no value: it is actually Google traffic and Google is not able to detect any bot activity because our bot is built to emulate human behaviour. It is the same thing as if you were to do this manually by sitting in front of 10,000 computers and searching for your site on Google and then browsing it.

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