I will index your backlinks with Google using a Backlink Indexing Software

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About This Proposal

At work, I do a fair amount of indexing for our client sites, buffer sites, web 2.0s and what have you.

I will index up to 1,000 backlinks with Google using a white hat technique. I will create Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and Pinterest posts of your backlinks using a very powerful software called Minik's Social Signals Boss. By sending your backlinks to the social media, Google and other search engines will crawl and index your backlinks in a totally safe and white hat way. Remember that Google crawls social media sites very often which means that your backlinks will be indexed very quickly and in a totally safe and spam free way. Please note that the basic squid is for 1000 links only. if you want to index more than 1000 links, please order my extras.

Ideal for web 2.0 links, PBN links, website pages, product pages, blogs, videos and so on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee that Google will index my backlinks?
No, I can only get Google to crawl your urls and if the content and link quality is good then Google will index them. If, on the other hand, you send me a tonne of spammy or penalised websites, Google will not index them. That said, this service works great most of the time but I thought I would make this clear to you.
Is this indexing method safe?
Yes. It is completely "white hat"

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