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About This Proposal

I do a fair bit of data scraping on Yellow Pages at work for our business development. I use a bot to scrape business contact details from Yellow Pages by entering a keyword and selecting a country or state.

Please note: I can only scrape UK and USA Yellow Pages.

Yellow pages is a great source of business leads. With this squid, I will scrape yellow pages for one keyword and one location. You will receive all the leads for your keyword in an Excel file. The contact details will include the business name, address, website, email and phone numbers. I will remove duplicate entries automatically. Please note that I can only scrape email addresses for USA only. Yellow pages does not allow the scraping of email addresses for other countries.

You can use the scraped leads for all your marketing needs. Please note that I cannot guarantee the total number of records that will be scraped for your keyword. Whatever my bot scrapes from the Yellow Pages is what you get.

Please send me one keyword, your niche and what country you would like me to scrape data for: either UK or USA. If you have chosen USA, please also specify the State or any particular cities.

Once I am done with the scraping, I will send you a spreadsheet containing all the business contact details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you scrape data from Yellow Pages for all industries?
Pretty much but make sure that your niche is covered by Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages is great for local businesses but not great for niches like cryptocurrency, escort sites and so on.
How many states will you scrape for USA?
I can scrape either one or ALL states, your choice.

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