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About This Proposal

World's #1 UK Vape Shop Database

Do you own an e-liquid or a vape brand? Are you looking to sell your product to vape shops directly? Our UK vape store database is the best and most important investment you will make for your vape business. There is simply no point of having a beautiful website and a great brand if nobody has heard of it or will never see it. Our vape shop database will help to connect your brand with vape stores which will equal to brand exposure, higher sales and greater profit. Just over 500 e-liquid and mod brands have purchased our database and have made significant gains. Some of these brands are already so large that you will have heard of them! Our database of UK vape shops will help you to expand your target audience. There are many ways in which you can use the UK vape shop database including vape email marketing campaigns, newsletters, telemarketing, sending of e-liquid samples, vape shop visits and much more!

Features of the UK Vape Shop Database

Our UK vape shop database covers the following data: 

  • Vape Shop Name;
  • Address;
  • Contact Telephone Number;
  • Website;
  • E-Mail Address;
  • Social Media Links

Why our UK Vape Shop Database is Unique And Provides Perfect Vape Shop Leads

Unlike many other sellers, we DO NOT use e-mail harvesters or bots for collecting data because those are unreliable 99% of the time. Instead, our database has been collated MANUALLY by our internal team over a long period of time. We have combined vape shop contact details from vape exhibitions, subscriber list available to our e-liquid distribution companies as well as research and information available in the public domain. Our vape marketing team is regularly updating our UK vape shop database to weed out all the vape shops that have closed and add new vapes shops and vape lounges.

Ways of using the UK Vape Shop Database Marketing Leads

  • E-Mail campaigns and newsletters - introduce your product to vape shops and start a positive rapport;
  • Phone Calls - call vape shops directly and introduce your product;
  • Samples - send samples to vape shops so that they can consider stocking your product;
  • Online Research - visit vape shop URLs

Benefits of Our UK Vape Shop Database

  • Organised
  • Accurate
  • Quality
  • Complete
  • Cheap
  • Updated regularly 

The Legal Bit

By purchasing our vape shop database, you agree to our terms and conditions 


Read our compliance statement to learn why our B2B vape shop leads are compliant with GDPR, PECR and other data protection and privacy laws.

Update Log

June - July 2019 (MAJOR SUMMER UPDATE)

In addition to our original database (version 1), we have created a secondary database of vape shops in the UK by using the Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor by Creative Bear Tech. This has allowed us to leave no stone unturned and scrape virtually all vape shops in the UK on Google Maps, most search engines such as Google and Bing, Business directories including Yelp and Yellow Pages, Vape Shop directories including allvapestores.com and allcbdstores.com, social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The version 2 of the database contains around 1,200 vape shops with email addresses as well as a separate file just with emails.

18 October 2018

Added just under 200 new vape shops in Ireland.

13 October 2018

We have made a very small update to correct the contact details of a few vape shops that have been changed.

July 2018

The entire UK Vape Shop Database has been revamped. Vape shops that have gone out of business were removed and new vape shops have been added. We have also added social media links for each vape shop. In total, there are around 1,500 vape shops in the database. 

May 2018

All vape shop databases are undergoing a major update.

We will be introducing leads for vape shops in Middle East, Far East and other parts of Asia, Africa, the entire of Russia and CIS and much more!

We have removed non-company e-mails from our database which include the likes of gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail, aol, icloud and so forth. We are working to replace these emails with company-specific emails.

February 2018

We have added over 150 new vape shops in the UK with the following data fields Vape Shop Name, Country, Address, Website, E-Mail Address, Telephone Number, Contact Form, Contact Form URL, Instagram and Facebook. The addition of social media links and contact form urls will give you an opportunity to expand your marketing channels by contacting vape shops via social media as well as their contact forms.

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