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About This Proposal

UK Retail Shops Database for E-Liquid and Vape Companies - Get Your Vape Products Into UK Retail Shops!

Did you know that most vape companies such as e-liquid brands target only vape shops. However, most companies fail to target retail shops such as newsagents, off licences, gift shops, retail shops, cash and carry, supermarkets and other potential businesses. However, retail shops actually represent a much bigger opportunity than vape shops alone. Did you know that many vapers and e-cigarette users actually like to buy their e-liquid and vaping supplies at their local "corner shops" simply because of the sheer convenience. Vape shops are still fairly niche in the UK and many e-cigarette users do not have the time to visit their local vape shops when they are pressed for time. It is also important to bear in mind that most retail shops are not saturated with e-liquids and vaping products, in fact, many retail shops do not carry e-liquids or e-cigarettes. An increasing number of our clients are already beginning to target retail shops in the UK with their e-cigarettes and e-liquid brands and are seeing incredible results and a massive spike in sales. Getting an e-liquid brand into UK vape shops has become an uphill battle since vape shops are spoilt for choice and you would have to have an exceptional and extremely popular e-liquid brands in order to get into a vape shop. Yet, all this hard work does not represent as an attractive return as convenience and retail shops present. 

Why You Should Start Selling Your E-Liquid And Vape Products At UK Retail Shops

  • Not Saturated
  • More than 40,000 retail stores
  • A lot of these are privately owned so there are lower barriers to entry
  • A potential to earn MASSIVE income
  • A retail store has a greater number of visitors than a vape shop
  • Less competition - you will not see many vape products at most e-liquid brands
  • An opportunity to establish your brand in the UK
  • Sell to vapers and e-cigarette users 
  • A new and less trodden path to success

What is Included In our UK Retail Shops Database

  • Around 40,000 Newsagents, Off Licenses, Cash and Carry, Gift Shops, Supermarkets
  • Business Name
  • Telephone 
  • Address
  • Website

*E-mails are not available because most retail stores are privately owned. Our UK retail shops database is ideal of telephone marketing and leaflet distribution. 

Why Choose Our UK Retail Shops Database

  • Extremely Cheap (data companies will charge you around £0.20 per record which equals to £8,000).
  • Manually collated
  • Extensive
  • Highly Effective

Success Stories

Some of our clients have already started adopting this strategy and already, they are seeing incredible results simply because it is much easier to sell e-liquid and vape products to retail stores than it is to vape shops.

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