I will do Website Indexing Service with Major Search Engines

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About This Proposal

Why is indexing your website crucial for the success of your vape business?

Submitting a sitemap to Google or Bing is not enough. As you create new products, blog posts or collection pages, it can take months for them to get indexed by the search engines. A page that is not indexed is useless because it does not bring any traffic. Gone are the days when you could simply submit your url to Google via their search console. Our team has developed a state-of-the-art indexing process which guarantees indexing of your site's pages with major search engines. Our method will get the search engines to crawl and then index your website's pages.

What you will receive with this package

Simply send us your domain/website address and we will extract all of your pages from your sitemap. Our team will then index all of your pages with the major search engines such as Google and Bing (and many others) in roughly one week using our secret method. Our method is totally white hat and will not impact your website. Up to 10,000 urls will be indexed.

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