I will do a Guest Post Outreach Campaign to All Vape Sites

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About This Proposal

Why Is a Guest Post Outreach an Absolute Must

Guest posts are the cornerstone of SEO so far as the backlinks go. It is a very simple process whereby we will contact all the vape sites with a proposal to publish one of your guest posts on their website with a backlinks leading back to your website. This is the most "white hat" and completely safe way of acquiring backlinks from niche related websites.

What will I receive with this package?

We will contact over 30,000 vape sites with your message via newsletter and manual contact form submissions. It is going to be your responsibility to provide an article to each site. We recommend that you only contribute unique (non-plagiarised articles) to ensure the best results as major search engines do not take favourably with duplicate content. We will add your reply e-mail address to each communication and it will be your responsibility to liaise with the individual websites. Alternatively, we can also send your custom promotional email to all vape websites. Please note, we cannot possibly guarantee the success rate. We can, however, guarantee that your message will reach all vape sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee results?
I can guarantee to contact all vape and cbd sites with your guest post proposal. I cannot guarantee how many of them will publish your guest post or the price they will charge.
Will I need to correspond with vape and cbd site admins?
Yes. I will make the initial contact and you will need to pick up where I left off.
Will I need to send you a guest post proposal message?
Do I need to provide you with an email account?
Yes, I recommend a company account but failing that, I can create a free email account and give you the login details so that you can reply to all vape and cbd sites regarding your guest posting proposal.

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