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About This Proposal


This vape seo guide will change the way you do your vape marketing. Watch our tutorial video in which we share everything you need to know about on-page vaping SEO, vape keywords, off-page vape SEO, vape backlinks and surefire ways for ranking your vape shop on Google!

Why Are Backlinks Important for Your Vape and E-Liquid SEO?

In order to rank high on the search engines for your key words, you have to have a good amount of quality vape-related backlinks. In simple terms, a backlink is a vote of confidence from the search engines that your vape or eliquid website is popular. However, when it comes to backlinks it can be a very dark forest out there. At The Eliquid Boutique, we have been running our vast network of vape blogs across different platforms for over 5 years now. We have been posting articles to each one of our vape blogs on a daily basis, which has and is continuing to strengthen the authority of our vape blogs. A backlink from each one of our blogs will give your vape website a real boost. Getting backlinks from other vape-related websites can be extremely expensive and not at all that effective. Ultimately, your backlink will only be as strong as the website. Only contextual backlinks (meaning that the backlink is inside a blog post) pass on the real power. Google and Bing have started treating standalone backlinks (not appearing inside text such as in a footer of a website) as spam and it can even hurt your website rankings. With our vape backlink package, you will receive all DO FOLLOW backlinks meaning that these backlinks will pass on the real SEO power to your website.

The Process of Creating Backlinks on Our Private Vape Blog Network

Our team of SEO experts will create individual blog posts based on your keywords with relevant and unique content. We will add YouTube vape reviews and vape images to each blog post to make each blog post more visually appealing. We will then add DO FOLLOW backlinks to your website inside each blog post using your keywords. We will also use branded and naked anchor text. Branded anchor text is basically the name of your vape business and a naked anchor text is a link to your website address. We will also add some generic anchor text to make the entire backlink portfolio as natural as possible. Once our team has created all your backlinks, we will then create social bookmarks for each backlink and send social signals to each and every backlink to get the search engines such as Bing and Google to crawl the blog posts and find your backlinks as well as add more SEO strength and authority to each one of your backlinks. Each one of our vape blogs is hosted on a different server and has a unique IP address which means that our vape backlinks do not leave any kind of footprint to suggest that our vape blogs are interconnected. Once the search engines start picking up the backlinks, you will notice an increase in visitor traffic, sales and search engine rankings. Our team posts new articles on each one of our blogs on a daily basis, which helps to increase the authority of each blog and your backlinks. Our entire backlink creation process is tried and tested and perfectly safe. We have invested a lot of resources in building up our vape blog network to produce some of the highest quality backlinks in the industry. Over the past few years, we have helped to rank many e-liquid brands, vape shops, vape event organisers and e-juice distribution companies. We have kept our prices extremely low in order to make our vape backlinks accessible to vape companies of all sizes.

Download a sample report with a few vape blog backlinks to get an idea of what to expect

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Case Study: How Our Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Work And Look Like

 Let's put all the ducks in a row using a practical illustration of how vape backlinks work. In this case study, we will be using one of our clients, #Vapegoons and will be using the following vape blog post: http://vapegame647.blog2learn.com/9062636/a-review-of-vapers Please watch the below video and look through the screenshots to understand the entire backlink creation process and the reasons why our private vape blog network is the most effective vape SEO tool at your disposal for ranking your website on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Contextual Vape Backlinks: All Vape Backlinks will come inside Content Related to Your Keywords

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package - Private Vape Blog Network

Vape Blog Posts Come with Embedded Vape Images

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package - Private Vape Blog Network

All Vape Blog Posts Come With Embedded YouTube Vape Review Videos

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package - Private Vape Blog Network

Guaranteed Indexing Of Every Single Vape Blog Post With Your Backlink

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package - Private Vape Blog Network

All Vape Blogs Have a High Domain Authority and Are Completely Spam Free

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package - Private Vape Blog Network

What You Should Expect From Our Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package

You will undoubtedly agree that the vape market is fiercely competitive and gaining valuable backlinks is becoming extremely challenging. Major search engines and social media platforms no longer allow vape-related advertising, which has made vape and eliquid marketing and advertising extremely difficult. With our medium competition backlink package, your website will move up on the search engines results page, which will help to increase traffic to your website and subsequently, sales. Our medium competition vape backlinks package is ideal for vape and eliquid businesses that are facing a medium amount of competition. 

  • Contextual backlinks from vape blog posts
  • Manual work
  • Image and Video embeds in each blog post
  • Safe 90% generic keyword anchor text ratio
  • White Hat Approach
  • Permanent backlinks
  • Indexification of all backlinks on Google
  • Tiered backlinks (this is where T1 blogs link to your website, T2 blogs link to T1 blogs, T3 blogs link to T2 blogs and so on. This approach passes power across all blogs all the way to your website).

Update Log - Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package

August 2018 - We have added 500 new vape blogs to our network.

April 2018 - We have added over 500 new e-juice vape blogs and developed our very own backlink indexer that will guarantee the indexing of 70% of backlinks with Google.

February 2018 - Our team has added over 500 new vape blogs to our network with a domain of authority of 50 and above. We can now also embed your Google maps listings, Twitter and Instagram feeds into each vape blog post for more SEO power to your social media accounts and Google places listings!

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package

Medium Competition Vape Backlinks Package


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