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About This Proposal

Why Facebook Marketing Is Important for Your Business?

Whether you run a vape shop, an e-liquid brand, online vape shop or a wholesale business, you will know that it is extremely difficult to get Facebook post likes and shares, especially now that Facebook has banned vape advertising. However, Facebook post likes and shares remain a very important reputation factor in the eyes of your customers and competitors. Equally, Facebook post likes and shares are an important SEO factor because each post like and share creates social signals which in turn helps your website to rank. Our team of professionals can engage our lead generation techniques to get real people from around the world to like and share your Facebook posts over a period of time. We do not use fake Facebook accounts, bots or anything automated simply because these tools no longer work with Facebook given its latest algorithms that can detect a bot in one minute. All of our work is done through associated Facebook groups with large numbers of followers and our lead generation websites. The bottom line is that your Facebook posts will acquire hundreds or even thousands of likes. Now how would you perceive a business with hundreds of posts without any likes and a business with ten posts with a few hundred likes each? 

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How Do I Order Facebook Post Likes for My Business?

Simply place an order and we will conduct the campaign. You can expect to see Facebook page likes and Facebook post likes and shares. You will see the results by being notified of new page likes and post likes and shares via your Facebook admin page. You should get at least 1,000 followers and a good number of post likes and shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Facebook Likes will I get?
We will run the campaign for 7 days and you should get a good number of Facebook page likes and post shares and likes. We cannot promise a certain number but you can expect 1,000 followers and a good number of post likes and shares.

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