B2B Email Marketing List of All Vape Shops in Russia

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About This Proposal

Sell Your Vape Products to 1,000+ Vape Shops in Russia!

Are you an e-juice business looking to diversify your markets and sell directly to vape stores in Russia? Are you fed up of going through continuous and bureaucratic hoops when dealing with Russian e-liquid and vape wholesalers? Our team has finally put together the most comprehensive e-mail list of all vape stores in Russia! You can easily implement this list into your newsletter and e-mail vape marketing campaigns. Simply upload all the Russian vape shop e-mail addresses to your newsletter system, draft your newsletter and click send! Following a lengthy consultation with some of our existing clients, we have decided against creating a database with telephone numbers and full information about Russian vape shops because our clients, most of whom are based in the UK and United States, informed us that they are primarily looking to target vape stores in Russia via newsletters and e-mail campaigns.

The B2B Email Marketing List of All Vape Shops in Russia is finally here. The B2B data list contains over 1,000 e-mails of vape shops in Russia and comes in a .txt format. Our B2B marketing e-mail list of all vape shops in Russia is a very powerful marketing tool that can open up your sales into Russia. Newsletters and vape e-mail campaigns are still one of the most powerful methods of establishing a dialogue with vape shops. From our experience, telephone calls and even the sending of samples have not proved as effective as quality newsletter and vape e-mail campaigns. A vape e-mail campaign will give you an indication of how many vape shops are interested in your e-juice or vape product on the basis of the reply rate. Equally, vape shop owners are especially busy and having hundreds of e-liquid manufacturers call them and tell them more or less the same thing is not going to help your sales either. And there also remains the language barrier but luckily, nice pictures of e-juices and vape products speak a thousand words when it comes down to Russian vape store owners!

Some Tips for Using Our B2B Email Marketing List of All Vape Shops in Russia Effectively

When dealing with Russian vape shops, we recommend that you keep your message very succinct and clear. Make sure to use plenty of quality pictures of your products as a lot of Russian vape shop owners may not have good English. It is also helpful if you can provide your wholesale e-juice or vape product prices in Russian Rubles as well as dollars since that will preempt the questions Russian vape shop owners may have and is more likely to lead to an order. Undoubtedly, many of you have heard that it is impossible to get vape products such as eliquids into Russia. We can confirm that many of our clients have shipped and are continuing to ship decent-sized consignments of e-juices and other vape products into Russia without any problems.

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