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About This Proposal

Guest posting is the most effective and white hat way of building links. Whilst Google is brining out new algorithm updates and best practices where you will have to tell Google that your guest post is sponsored, guest posting is the way forward in terms of link building. However, it is difficult to find all the sites from your niche that accept guest posts and guest bloggers. You could look for them manually, but this will take ages. I like to use Scrapebox Scraping Software to find all the sites that accept guest posts in my niche. 

The way it works is I load a list of footprints and combine them with my set of keywords. For example, most sites will have some sort of indication whether they accept guest posts. I would enter "write for us" fashion amongst other footprints to locate all the sites that accept blog posts form guest fashion bloggers. It is very simple. To do the scraping, I use one of my dedicated servers and around 5,000 private dedicated proxies which allows me to run Scrapebox at 500 threads!

The result is a list of sites that accept guest posts. Of course, you could use this site list as a starting point for your guest blogger outreach or you could save yourself some time and money by ordering my extra proposal whereby I will extract all the emails from the scraped site list using Scrapebox Premium Email Scraper Plugin.

You can then use these emails to send out emails with your guest post offer. Do bear in mind that these sites receive guest blogging requests on a daily basis. Most of them are amateur. Some sites are likely to charge you a fee for guest posting as hardly anyone is handing out free backlinks in this day and age. Having said that, I did manage to secure a good number of quality backlinks for free simply because my blog posts are not just unique, but they add a lot of value to the users' experience that most site owners cannot refuse. Remember, guest blogging largely depends on your communication skills and the quality of the message.

Enough said! If you would like to use me, place and order and send me a list of about 500 keywords pertaining to your niche. One per line. Please send them in a notepad format to make life easier for me.

Once I am done with the scraping, I will send you a list of all the sites that accept guest posts. If you have ordered my extra, I will send you a list of sites for guest blogging and a list of emails extracted from those sites.

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