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Global Vape Company Email List

Boost your sales and turn your vape business around with our cutting-edge Global Vape Company Email List. Our Vape Shop Email List is the secret sauce behind the success of over 500 e-liquid companies and is ideal for email and newsletter marketing. Over 53,000 vape and CBD companies. FREE lifetime updates, The most complete list.

Global Vape Company Email List of Vape Shops and Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Distributors

Did you know that there are over 53,000 vape companies around the world that you can contact today? Whether you run an e-liquid line or a vape wholesale business, these vape company emails can help you to reach practically all vape companies with your message. Are you tired from not making enough B2B sales to vape shops and vape wholesalers? Do you find most of your marketing to be unproductive? Do you want to take your vape business to the next level and start exploding your sales? Here is the secret sauce that has helped over 500 e-liquid brands and wholesalers from around the world since 2012! Some ejuice companies have even tried to buy us out because they felt that the accessibility of this list was putting them against a lot of competition from smaller vape companies and e-liquid brands! This hopefully helps to illustrate just how powerful this vape company email list is!

What Does the CBD and Vape Company Email List Contain?

CBD and Vape Company email addresses. This covers virtually all the vape and CBD-related businesses in the world. The entire list contains:

  • Vape shop emails
  • E-Liquid company emails
  • CBD Brand emails
  • CBD shop emails
  • Vape and CBD wholesalers and manufacturers
  • CBD and Vape Blog emails
  • Much More!

How was the CBD and Vape Company Email List Compiled?

Our tech wizards are constantly running our proprietary search engine scraper on uber powerful dedicated servers with thousands of private proxies to scrape the following sources for CBD and vape company emails:

  • Google maps
  • Yellow Pages, Yelp and other business directories
  • Popular Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, and 5 others)

  • Additionally, since our vape and cbd company email list has become a huge success, our team is regularly attending all the major vape and CBD exhibitions around the world where they meet business owners and incorporate the contact details into our CBD and vape company email list.

Show me and example of how the CBD and Vape Company Email Marketing List Looks Like

Here is a screenshot of the latest B2B marketing list. The email list comes in a notepad format.

CBD and Vape Company Email Marketing List


Global Vape Company Email List of Vape Shops and Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Distributors


Global Vape Company Email List of Vape Shops and Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Distributors


Global Vape Company Email List of Vape Shops and Vape Wholesalers and E-Liquid Distributors

How does the ordering Process Work?

Simply purchase the B2B marketing email list and check out. Your CBD and vape company email list will be available for download in your member's area upon check out. All the future updates will be automatically uploaded to your member's area by our system.

Here is what the Vape Company Email List contains:

  • Vape Shops (brick-and-mortar and online)
  • Vape Wholesalers and distributors
  • E-Liquid Companies
  • Vape Event Organisers
  • Vape magazines
  • Vape reviewers
  • CBD and Hemp Companies
  • CBD Brands
  • CBD Shops

Here are the ways in which you can use this Vape Company Email List

  • Promotional messages
  • Introductory emails
  • Guest post outreach for backlink building
  • Much more

Why Choose Our Vape Company Email List

Comprehensive and complete: our vape company email list contains virtually all types and sizes of vape businesses from around the world. There isn’t a more complete list on the market.

Updated at least once a month: we are conscious that new vape companies are opening up all the time and some are closing down, vape company owners switch domains and change inboxes, which is why we make sure to update our vape company email list at least once a month. Our team is constantly visiting vape shows and exhibitions and performing online research to uncover new vape companies that are not already in the list. We also perform a three-level email cleansing exercise to remove all emails with 1) abandoned mail boxes and 2) domains.

All updates are FREE and automatic: as soon as we perform an update, you will receive the download file directly to your inbox thus making sure that you have only the latest and freshest emails.

GDPR compliant: all of the emails that we provide are available in the public domain and are compliant with our GDPR policy.

Free lifetime updates: we do not charge any hidden fees for our updates. Pay once, and enjoy free lifetime updates to your vape company email list. We have talked to some other lead generation companies and they wanted to charge us in excess of £5,000 for a similar list on top of monthly update fees. This should hopefully illustrate the value for money that you are going to be getting with our vape company email list.

Here’s how to get started with your vape company email list

Once you have purchased and downloaded the email list, simply import all the emails into your newsletter provider or email sending service and draft your message. Then, once you are ready, click on send to contact all the vape companies in the world!

The vape company email list comes in a .txt notepad file and has one email per line. The file is compliant with most newsletter and email import file types so you should not have any issues.

Why our Email List is the Best Marketing Tool

Our vape company email list is very simple, yet extremely effective. As a vape wholesale company, your ultimate objective is to sell to vape shops and possibly vape wholesale companies and distributors. Our vape company email list will give you an ability to contact all the vape companies in a click of a button. Yes, you could try to scrape the vape company emails yourself, but let us tell you that it is simply not worth the time and effort. Usually, website scraping produces inaccurate results and will never produce the same results. Moreover, with free lifetime updates and updates at least once a month, we believe that our package provides real value for money. Our team of over 20 people speak different languages and are very familiar with the vape markets across different countries which gives us a real competitive advantage in acquiring vape companies that would not otherwise be found easily.

Whilst we strongly recommend that you invest in long-term marketing such as backlinks and on-page and off-page SEO, our vape company list provides instant results and sales. E-mail marketing is definitely a very important part of any vape marketing strategy and should not be overlooked.

Global Vape Company Email List

Some Bad New: We will be increasing the price of our Vape Company Email List

As you can appreciate, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain our vape company email list. Our marketing professionals are constantly travelling to attend vape exhibitions and performing market research to add new vape shops and wholesalers to our list. This allows us to release at least one update every month. Therefore, in order to sustain our efforts, we will have to reconsider our price in order to sustain our efforts. As you can appreciate, a similar list from a lead generation company would cost in excess of £5,000 on top of all the update prices. We do not charge any hidden fees and provide 100% free lifetime updates.

Some Good News: We are Freezing the price for the next 30 days

We have decided to freeze our prices for the next 30 days to allow as many vape companies as possible to benefit from our vape company email list.

Do not miss this special offer and transform your business in a click of a button. To get started, simply purchase our list and  you will automatically receive a download file within a couple of minutes.

Here's a Useful Video Tutorial from our Partners to Assist you with Your Vape Email Marketing

Update Log

October 2019 (version 4.1.0 released)

We have updated the entire vape and cbd company email list by adding all the new vape shops, wholesalers, manufacturers and removing non-working emails. A big part of this update was the addition of 15,000 CBD company emails since CBD has grown immensely and can be seen in many vape shops. Following our customer suggestions, we have also filtered the entire CBD and Vape company email list according to top-level domains (TLDs). This means that you can now access individual folders for different domains such as .com, .fr, .com.au, co.uk, etc. This to a certain extent will allow you to target vape and CBD companies according to countries and different regions. You will still receive a master file with all the vape and CBD company emails. The total email count is presently over 60,000.

September 2019 (Version 4.0.9 released)

We have added new vape and cbd shop email addresses to the list. The total number of vape and CBD business emails in the list is over 60,000 emails (an increase by 7,000 emails since the last update in July). We have performed a three-stage email cleaning procedure to remove all emails with 1) abandoned inboxes 2) non-resolving domains and 3) syntactical errors.

August - September 2019 (Version 4.0.8 released)

We have updated the entire vape company email list by adding all the new online vape and CBD shops. Due to the popularity of CBD and hemp products, we have added all the new hemp and CBD online shops. The total count of the entire list is now at around 53,000 cbd and vape shop emails. We have tested the original list at 1) domain level and 2) invalid email accounts and have removed around 1,000 emails from the previous list (either the domains of vape shops were dropped or the email account is no longer valid).

July 2019 Update 2 (version 4.0.7 released + major update)

As part of our summer update, we have created a master database of ALL the vape and CBD companies in the world. In addition to the list of vape and cbd company emails, you will now receive a full database with over 30,000 vape and cbd stores contact details including: website, address, email, social media links, telephone numbers and more.

July 2019 (version 4.0.7 released)

The entire email list now has over 50,000 emails of vape and CBD companies all over the world. Due to the popularity of CBD products, we have added all CBD and hemp companies to the email list. We have removed all non-working emails and added emails of new businesses from all over the world.

8 February 2019

The entire list was cleaned to remove all abandoned domains and inboxes. New CBD stores, vape shops and vape wholesalers were added.

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