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Your List of Ejuice Brands with Emails

The eliquid brands database contains the contact details for virtually all the ejuice brands from the USA, UK, EU and parts of the world. The vape juice marketing list is ideal for newsletters and email blasts, telesales, sending of free samples and social media campaigns. Free lifetime updates to the eliquid company email list. Instant access upon payment.

How you can use our List of E-Liquid Brands

Our ejuice brands database is ideal for eliquid labs, ejuice bottle manufacturers, vape exhibition organisers, vape juice flavour suppliers and many more. You can use the vape juice brands database for a number of marketing channels, including:

  • social media campaigns
  • newsletter and email blasts
  • telesales
  • direct mail: sending free samples and catalogues
  • in-person visits
  • market research
  • More

5 Vaping Trends to Try in 2019

It’s strange to think that just a few years ago, vaping was pretty uncommon. Now, it’s hard to get away from e-cigarettes. And the people who vape are passionate about it! Vapers are always looking for vape juices and gadgets to improve their experience. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be pleased to know about the exciting vaping innovations that are happening in 2019. Here are some of the hottest vaping trends right now!

1. Nicotine-Free Vape Juice

Vaping is a great option if you want to stop smoking. But if you’re using e-juice that contains nicotine, you’re just furthering your nicotine dependence. It’s no wonder that nicotine-free vape juices are on the rise in 2019. If you use e-juice without nicotine, you still experience a sensation that is similar to smoking but without the negative long-term effects of nicotine. This year, expect to see more vape juices with zero nicotine.

2. Accessible Vaping Mods

Vape mods are nothing new, but in 2019 expect to see more vape pens that are compatible with modifications. This year mods will become more widely available to the average consumer. Some of these mods include ways to change your vape’s temperature and ways to make vaping even safer. Check out Moon Mountain’s store for some cool vape mods to take your vaping experience to the next level!

3. Vaping On-the-Go

As vaping becomes more common, people are more open to vaping in public around others. Because of this, the demand for smaller vaping pens that are easy to use on-the-go has increased. In 2019, expect to keep seeing smaller vaping pens that lend themselves portability.

4. More Vegetable Glycerin

One of the major reasons people love vaping so much is the great-tasting flavors. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is one vape juice ingredient you can expect to see more of in 2019. The substance is non-toxic and produces more vapor. It’s usually made from soybean, coconut, or palm oils. VG is a common ingredient in sweeteners. When it’s in your vape juice, you can expect to taste a little extra sweetness. In addition, vegetable glycerin is thick, which makes it more soothing on your throat than most PG vape juices

5. Better Vape Designs

he longer that any product is the around, the more time there is to work out any kinks in its design. The same is true of vaping! As more and more people try and enjoy vaping, not only is the quantity of vaping devices going up but so is the quality of vaping products. The standard for what makes a good vape pen continues to rise. People want more out of their vape pens. They want vape pens that last longer and are more efficient. In 2019, vape manufacturers are delivering in full force! 

You can get the latest vaping innovations from Moon Mountain! We are always looking to the latest vaping trends and trying to find the ones that our customers will love the most. Start browsing our wide array of products to find your new favorite vape juice and vape mod today!

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  • eloisa6902

    Dear Sir! Thank you from our team. We hope this database help us sell more eliquid bottles. Hello from China :)
    Oct 24 2019

  • eloisa6902

    Dear Sir! Thank you from our team. We hope this database help us sell more eliquid bottles. Hello from China :)
    Oct 24 2019

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