I will contact all websites from your niche via a contact form submitter

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I will contact all websites from your niche using a contact form submitter. I will configure the contact form submitter to only contact websites that have keywords related to your niche in the website html and meta titles. I will run the contact form submitter bot on my server with millions of public proxies. You can use this service for virtually everything: guest post outreach, promotions, affiliate marketing and so on! I will run the contact form submitter for 7 days at 100 threads so the total number of websites I will contact will be between 10,000 and 20,000.

I will need you to send me 1) reply email address (it will get swamped with auto replies); 2) your name; 3) company website; 4) company address; 5) subject; 6) body content / message

I will not send you an actual report as it is impossible for me to do so. You can check your inbox for replies to see the proof. 

I will use a captcha solving service to maximise the success rate.

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