I will give you an Alibaba Scraper and Contact Form Submitter

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About This Proposal

My software is very simple. It will allow you to scrape all the sellers on Alibaba using your set of keywords and contact them through the seller contact section. The software is extremely simple yet advanced. It uses a rotating proxy to bypass Alibaba spam system. I recommend that you use storm proxy 3 minute gateway proxies for the best results. You just load up your set of keywords and your message, hit start and the software will go out there and scrape and find all Alibaba sellers for your keyword and contact them using the contact form on Alibaba. You can run this software on a VPS or a laptop.

This software is amazing for generating tonnes of leads and especially useful if you want to target millions of manufacturers and wholesalers from China.

I have had this software custom built for me and so far, it has generated me tonnes of money as I sell SEO services.

You will be sent the software. You will need to get your own proxies on storm proxies.

This software is truly one of a kind and no similar software exists on the market.

There are no licences for this software. Run it on as many machines as you want to. Just please do not distribute it on the open market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the software support spintax?
Yes, you can add spun messages!
Can the software bypass Alibaba registration to contact sellers?
How many threads does the software run on?
One thread.

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