I will create a lead generating website for your vape shop

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About This Proposal

I will build a lead generating website for your vape shop.

Here's how it works:

I will build one website with individual pages for every single area in your city. Each page will have your keyword i.e. vape shop in [post code] [city] [country]. Each page will contain unique content. I will then add an overlay to the lead generating site with your site. The site will rank for every area and will bring you tonnes of real traffic from people searching for a vape shop in their local area/near them. When they click on the results on the search engines, they will see an overlay of your site.

Why this secret method is the best way of boosting your vape leads?

There are many people who search for vape shops in their area but there is not a vaor store in every area. Therefore, vapers will see your site. We are essentially going to rank for local areas that have 0 competition.

The lead gen site will be hosted on my server using a unique IP, a custom domain name and an SSL certificate.

Many vapor companies are already using this method to win new clients every single day. it is a very secret method that is unique to me. It is 100% white hat, safe and effective.

This service is for up to 10 cities or the whole state (if United States).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to add an overlay to my website?
Yes! Every page on the lead generation website will have an overlay of your original website.
I do not have a website!
I can create a landing page for you instead of adding an overlay.

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