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If you are looking at this congratulations! A training contract interview means that you are incredibly close to a training contract, but you must not allow the complacency to get the better of you. A training contract interview is a “make or break” moment and everything will depend on you and your performance on the day. Strong preparation is key. Our consultants will review your training contract application and put together an outline of potential questions you could be asked and provide suggestions for your answers. This should give you an idea of what you may want to talk about at your training contract interview and allow you to think about your answers. We will also provide you with useful training contract assessment centre tips and guidance to make sure you make a positive impression. .


Interview preparation materials will be provided to you in either a word document or a powerpoint presentation. The interview preparation materials will cover ten areas of your choice (if no choice is indicated, we will prepare ten most popular issues that are discussed at a training contract interview. Generally, it is very difficult to pre-empt what the interviewers will ask you but there are some questions that are almost always asked.


Common training contract interview questions:


1. Why do you want to become a solicitor (this may be unique to the type of law firm that you are applying to, for example, commercial vs. immigration.

2. Why have you applied to this particular law firm?

3. Commercial awareness issue.

4. Difficult situation.

5. What do law firms have to do to remain competitive.

6. Competency questions testing your skills required to become a successful solicitor (team work, problem solving, organisational and time management.

7. Questions for the interviewers (this is important as it shows that you are thinking about the law firm that you applied to as well as your curiosity to learn more about the law firm).


*Our consultants purposefully provide short suggestions of the things you may want to talk about instead of writing you a script. Remember, outlines answers should give you a sense of direction and get you thinking about potential talking points. Do not attempt to paraphrase or memorise answers as this will make you sound unnatural and the interviewers will most certainly see it and throw a surprise question to throw you off balance. Always be natural and yourself.


Prices for this service start at £200 per application. The price of this service will depend on the number of questions you would like us to prepare you for. We offer discounts for multiple purchases. 

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