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About This Proposal

Our consultants will provide you with a one level review of your training contract application questions and answers. Based on their review, our consultants will insert their comments and suggestions on how you could improve your training contract application to maximise your chances of success. This service will provide you with a fresh perspective on your application form and what you can do to make it shine. One level training contract application review is only for the competency  based questions and does not include your personal details, school, college or university grades, work experience.

*As the majority of the training contract applications are done through online systems, we will require you to start your online training contract application online and copy and paste the questions, your answers and word limits into a word document and send it to us via email. Please do not forget to indicate the name of the firm to which you are applying either in the document or the file name. Our consultants will review your answers and make their changes and suggestions inside the word document, which will be sent back to you with the comments and suggestions.

*This service includes only one application form to one law firm. Please see our value packages for multiple training contract application reviews.

About us

TCapp consultants come from different backgrounds and have first-hand experience in working for leading Magic Circle, City and US law firms. After many sleepless nights on ground-breaking legal cases, our team understands what it takes to work for a law firm and what the recruiters and lawyers are looking for in a candidate. Some of our consultants have gone through the gruelling training contract application process, others have worked in the field of HR. This diversity in backgrounds enables us to understand the training contract process better than anyone else. Whilst there is no magic formula to writing a perfect training contract application, there are many ways you could maximise your chances of getting a step closer to securing a training contract. Our consultants draw on their experience and knowledge to provide you with bespoke advice on how to make your training contract application shine. You can view our success rates and testimonials here.

Our Values

TCapp consultants have seen many brilliant UK graduates and undergraduates struggle to find a training contract not because they are not good enough but because year-on-year the legal market is becoming extremely competitive and so must the aspiring trainee solicitors. TCapp consultants have seen many exceptional candidates plod on with perseverance as paralegals in the hope of a glimmer of a training contract or abandon the legal profession altogether. We feel that this is wrong and demoralising and that the system needs to be reformed to embrace this disappointing reality.

TCapp was founded out of a desire to provide help getting a training contract and assist aspiring trainee solicitors in getting closer to securing a training contract and maximising their potential. At TCapp, we realise that it is extremely difficult to qualify as a lawyer in England and Wales in comparison to other jurisdictions. This should not be the case. TCapp consultants are extremely committed to improving access to the legal profession.

Our Approach

Our consultants are pragmatic in their approach, yet exceedingly supportive. This helps to raise the standard of your application and maximises your chances of getting closer to a training contract with a law firm.

Jade is a dedicated legal secretary, who has seen the legal profession on the inside and out. Jade draws on her knowledge and years of experience to oversee and ensure of the quality of the work product, which makes her a paramount team member.

Jade O'Brian

Maria is an invaluable member of our team, with a very good eye for detail and a great passion for her job. Maria's extensive experience comes from one of the biggest financial institutions in the UK, where she has worked as a HR consultant. Presently, enjoys her position  at TCapp.

Maria Woloschik

Elizabeth secured her training contract with one of the top family law firms in London. Her experience and knowledge within the legal profession as well as the journey towards it make her our gem. she has walked in the "aspiring trainee" shoes and so decided that it need not be as painful as her own journey was. She has spent many hours on research and development of the concept of TCapp, and is now using her knowledge to help law graduates achieve their goals much sooner and make their journey as painless as possible.

Elizabeth Green

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How many training contract application will you review with this service?
One application to one law firm.

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