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About This Proposal

I can give you product listings on up to 3 different marketplaces: 1) CBD Consumer Marketplace; 2) CBD Wholesale Marketplace and 3) Vape Marketplace.

These are massive marketplaces (2 are CBD and one is vape) with thousands of products from the leading brands. This is the same as having your very own website because you will be able to add all your products, communicate with buyers, sell and do pretty much everything you can with a website.

These marketplaces are great for gaining a lot of valuable traffic and generating quality leads.

Every marketplace has excellent domain metrics, quality vape and CBD traffic from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, tonnes of articles and guides and all the bells and whistles.

You can order product listings on up to 3 totally different sites: CBD wholesale, CBD consumer and vape. I will send you the urls and you will need to register and then list your products. I will be approving the listings. These listings are for life.

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