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What Are Backlinks and Why You Absolutely Need them to Rank On Google

To put it simply, is created when another website creates a link to your website. This could be inside a blog post, on a page or inside an image. Google checks your website to see how many websites are linking to your website and uses that as a factor to decide where you should rank on Google. 

The Good Backlinks and The Bad Backlinks

Not all backlinks are equal. Bad backlinks include backlinks from unrelated websites, spam backlinks, spam blog comment backlinks, backlinks from spammy websites and so on. Good backlinks, on the other hand, come from websites from your niche that have a good trust score. For example, if you run a jewellery store, then there is simply no point of getting a backlink from a cake shop because it is not thematically related to your niche. 

The Difficulty of Getting Quality Backlinks

It is extremely difficult and costly to get backlinks. Right now, the backlinks market has become extremely monetised and there are companies charging hundreds of dollars for one backlink. 

Why Our Backlinks Are the Most Powerful Backlinks on the Market

Over a period of five years, we have built up private blog networks across hundreds of niches ranging from jewellery, online shopping, vape shops and so on! We have put in thousands of man hours and spent a fortune on building our private blog network that is now available to you at a fraction of a price! 

What Makes Our Backlinks Perfectly Safe and Extremely Powerful In Today's SEO Arena

  • All of our backlinks have a high domain authority: they carry weight and pass on link juice to your website!
  • Each blog is hosted on a separate server using a different IP address. Our blogs are hosted in the United States, Canada and UK. This ensure that our blogs do not leave any footprint or have any connection between each other. All blogs are standalone!

  • We use unique content for each blog post that is related to your keywords: Google loves unique content! The fact that your backlink will come inside a blog post with content that is related to your niche will send even more power to your website.

  • We use a safe anchor text: we do not over-optimise the anchor text. Instead, we use the following ratio for building backlinks: 15% your keyword, 30% branded anchors (your brand name and website url) and 55% generic keywords. When people link to a website, they do not say something unnatural such as "best jewellery store in California" but instead say "click here" or "visit". 

  • We embed images and YouTube videos to each blog post to make it look very natural and appealing. We can also add your Google maps listing inside each blog post as well as your social media feeds.

What You Should Expect From Our Backlinks

Our authority backlinks will help your website to rank higher in the search engine results pages on Google and Bing which will in turn bring more visitors to your website and increase your sales. 

How To Choose The Number of Backlinks for Your Website

Think about the competition you are facing. If you operate in a competitive niche, then you will need more backlinks to rank your website. If, on the other hand, your niche is less competitive, i.e. a local cafe, you will need less backlinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to get this going?
I will need you to send me your website url and about 100 keywords you are looking to rank for on Google and Bing.

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